Your wardrobe makeover

Indi.fashion is not just a statement but an expression of timeless Indian style with its wealth of colour, culture, creativity and craft. Of the moment yet rooted in heritage. Indi.fashion evokes past glories while celebrating the fabulous skills of today’s talented designers. Indi.fashion garments that would not have looked out of place in a Mughal court or a Maharajah’s palace are perfect for a wedding or other special occasion in the 21<sup>st</sup> century.


Indi.fashion is inspired by the rich palette of the Indian subcontinent – the earthy tones of the desert, the myriad hues of the mountains and the pure colours of the coast. To guide our aesthetic principles, we take the peacock, India’s national bird, whose plumage blends a kaleidoscope of colour into a spellbinding and harmonious whole.

A Beautiful ‘You’

Admiration and love for the fine fabrics and decorative crafts of India has inspired us to curate and share it with beautiful people like you all around the world. We are committed to bring the best of fashion to you from every corner of the sub-continent at a reasonable price.

We know and understand that for a woman living abroad, it is not easy to shop locally for Indian wear to suit your taste, desire and size. Online shopping remains the only other option for buying gorgeous traditional outfits, and here trust can be a big factor along with quality assurance, customisation and the hassle of shipping timelines.

Having served thousands of women like you all over India and around the world with our fashion sense, presentation, bespoke tailoring and safer shipments, we believe we can redefine the online shopping experience so you can makeover your wardrobe and create an even more beautiful you.